Monday, July 25, 2011


In order to apply for production funding one of the best ways to show your vision is to have a pilot animatic. An animatic is a sequence of storyboarded images edited with the timing of the film. The Open Workshop funding and support allowed me to bring an extremely experienced storyboarder on board the project. Mads Juul makes some of the most beautiful and spot-on storyboards and animatics I have ever come across and I am honoured to also have him on board. Mads also agreed to do the remainder of the storyboards and animatic when (not if!) I manage to secure the production funding. The film itself will be 8 minutes long. We have condensed three separate scenes in this 2 minute animatic to convey the feel and look of the film. If you'd rather not know anything about the story - look away now! :-)


  1. Parabéns Sara. O filme promete muito... espero que consigas os fundos para realizar o filme.
    Tens razão, o trabalho do Mads é muito bom!!

    Um abraço e boa sorte.